Enterprise data is often difficult to access and broken in silos through various applications.

Analyze in real-time and collect data from:

  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data from applications like ERP
  • Data from machines, production equipment or controllers (PLC, Omron)
  • SOA transactions
  • XML files
  • Servers with system logs
  • Communication equipment, such as routers and firewalls
  • Any other data source with our generic connector

Apsolab collects all data, regardless of their sources, and brings it all together in the same software without interference or changes to your existing systems.

Apsolab lets you easily connect to all your data sources and centralize them in a single product, thanks to its software connectors (API).

With its dedicated server, Apsolab provides a centralized multi-user solution accessible through a web browser on multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPad…), which lets you query your data using an accessible, ‘user friendly’ and effective interface.

No matter the size of your company and the amount of data, Apsolab adapts to your needs and allows you to collect and centralize your data in real time.