Java Log4J Connector for Apsolab-Server

Most software developer coding in Java use Apache Log4J as a logging tool. Adding logs (event and trace execution) to log files is a good practice and should be enforces by development teams. Where time comes to find information in those log files, it could be a real challenge if your product is spread in multiple process and/or running on more than one server. Aggregating logs into one dataset with search and monitoring functions could be of great help to debug and monitor large application.

Apsolab comes with one appender for Apache Log4J. The appender can be dynamically added to your product and configured with XML file or statically added and configured with properties.

The appender verbosity (log level/priority/severity) can be controlled directly from Apsolab-Console (web browser access). No need to stop and restart your process and lose context. With a few click of the mouse, start debugging all your process from your web browser.

Our appender comes with examples to demonstrate how to use it in different scenarios. It comes already bundled in JAR file. We also provide the source code in case our JAR file doesn’t fit your Java version.

There is no reason to leave your log files alone on the backend. With Apsolab you can find information spread across different process and monitor all your logs in real time.