Apsolab IT is the only tool you need to monitor and manage systems and devices logs and events.


Aggregate all your systems and devices logs and events within Apsolab IT and access all your data from any web browser. With Apsolab, those days of searching information across different systems is over.


Data & Text Mining

Finding information with a text editor or grep over many files spread across multiple systems is not an easy task. It’s time consuming and error prone. Apsolab IT has a unique data & text mining feature. Just click with your mouse to drill down and find the information you are looking for. Our data parser will highlight IP addresses, email, URL and of course simple words and values.


Monitor & Alerts

Build your own monitoring rules and our server will monitor your data and create alerts for you. You can receive alerts by email and/or SMS. Make sure your alerts gets handled by adding escalation (up to 3 levels). Receive alert note written by your team when they solve issue.


Web Interface

There is no client application to install with Apsolab IT. Just use your web browser to connect with Apsolab Console and access all your data. Simple !


Integrated Syslog Parser

Apsolab IT include a built-in Syslog parser. Whether you are working with Linux or Windows, there is no need to install a 3rd party product to parse Syslog data.


Apsolab IT is aimed to make your life easier by giving you access to critical information in a few click.