Apsolab BI – Download

Install in minutes

Before you download Apsolab BI, make sure your system meet the minimum requirements. This product is available for Linux and Windows A summary of the requirements is listed below. Linux packages is in RPM or DEB format. Windows package is a standard Setup executable.

After installing the package, start your browser and set the URL to your server.
The “Install” page will ask you the minimum configuration information including the “License Key”.
To get your “License Key”, copy the provided “Activation Code” in your clipboard and go to My Apsolab Account to request your “License Key”.

Linux Requirements

  • at least 200MB of disk space
  • at least 1GB of RAM
  • access to Linux ‘root’ account

Windows Requirements

  • at least 350MB of disk space
  • at least 1GB of RAM
  • access to Windows ‘Administrator’ account


Apsolab BI Repository (click this link to download Apsolab BI)

Apsolab BI support all modern browser. If you have any issue with IE and you cannot install an other browser like Google Chrome or Firefox, you can try our Apsolab-Console