Apsolab’s Products and Services

Apsolab BI

Apsolab BI is aimed at enterprise wishing to collect and monitor data, and who need customizable data entry forms with reports, dashboards and control charts in real time.

Apsolab BI allows you to consolidate your data from several sources into a central application with a Web interface. This multi-user product will empower your organization to take advantage of your valuable data isolated into silo. It has been designed to be used by non technical users. From its Web interface, you can build reports, charts and dashboards. You can also monitor your data and receive alerts.

Main features:

  • Automated reporting (KPIs, metrics)
  • Custom data entry forms
  • Data analysis with customizable charts
  • Benchmarking
  • Six Sigma control charts
  • Real time dashboards
  • Data and text mining
  • Data monitoring with alerts
  • Web interface
  • Multi-user

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Apsolab IT

Apsolab IT is aimed at enterprise with an IT department, and wishing to monitor all of their computers, servers and communication equipments centrally.

Apsolab IT allows you to centralize logs (traces, events) of different IT components (router, firewall, etc), monitor the equipment and software, receive alerts and do queries on transactions (SOAP, XDAS, http access, etc.).

Apsolab IT is the ideal tool to collect data that come from several sources (such as distributed applications) and to monitor and analyse them in real time.

Apsolab IT enables your IT team to move from a reactive model to a proactive one. Why wait until bugs (and  side effects) arise or until they are reported by the user? Apsolab IT helps your IT team to stay informed in real time and take action before the situations get worse.

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Consulting Service

Apsolab is here to support you in your dashboard projects and the generation of reports regardless of your data complexity.

We can connect your production equipment, your databases and other data sources using our APIs or develop custom interfaces.

Apsolab also supports IT consultants wishing to implement Apsolab products for their clients. Contact us to learn more.