Apsolab BI

Apsolab BI allows you to consolidate your data from several sources into a central application with a web interface. This multi-user product will empower your organisation to take advantage of your valuable data isolated into silo. It has been designed to be used by non technical users.

From its web interface, you can build KPI reports, charts and dashboards. You can improve your process with our Six Sigma control charts and benchmark your performance. You can also monitor your data and receive alerts. Apsolab BI comes with many connectors to update your data in real-time.

This product is highly configurable and will fit the needs of any organisation department. From manufacturing plant to upper management, Apsolab BI will provides a powerful tool to your organisation.

Apsolab BI will help you answer the following questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • When?
  • Who?
  • How many?

Apsolab BI includes:

  • Automated reporting (KPIs, metrics)
  • Ad hoc querying
  • Data mining
  • Text mining
  • Benchmarking
  • Ad hoc charts (analysis)
  • Dashboards
  • Slideshow
  • Operational/real-time BI
  • Automated monitoring/alerting
  • Automated jobs
  • Six Sigma control charts
  • Custom data entry forms

Apsolab BI in short

Take Excel and:

  • add reports updated in real time from live data
  • add charts updates in real time from live data
  • add dashboards updated in real time
  • add slideshow updated in real time
  • add Six Sigma control charts
  • add text/data mining from simple mouse click
  • monitor the data in real time based on schedule
  • add automated data feeds from several sources
  • add custom data entry forms
  • add ability to send alerts
  • add ability to send data by email
  • add ability to run scheduled task
  • make it multi-user
  • add a Web interface and access your data/reports/charts/dashboards from desktop, laptop and tablet
  • add security (role) to access data
  • add security (role) to do actions within the software
  • add automated data cleanup
  • add data archiving
  • work in different time zone
  • authenticate user from Active Directory or LDAP server
  • add the choice to run the product on Windows or Linux
  • add the choice to install the product in a server, desktop or laptop
  • make it scalable
  • remove the headache to update client application

Apsolab BI interface allows you to import/export data from/to CSV file. You can also create data entry forms with data validation.

Apsolab BI provides a rich set of features. Most of them are listed in the table below. You can reorder columns or use the search tool to find any specific feature you are looking for. If don’t find what you are looking for, email us at info@apsolab.com.

Data sizeunlimitedThere is no limit to data you can store in the product. (with the exception of your disk size).
Native APIyesAPI for C/C++ language.
Native API SSLyesAPI for C/C++ language with SSL connection to server.
Dynamic TAG APIyesFeed server with data encapsulated in <tag> format.
Dynamic TAG API SSLyesFeed server with data encapsulated in <tag> format over SSL connection.
Connector toolkityesMany connector and parser for scripting languages and libraries like Perl, Python, PHP and JAVA Log4j.
Windows agentyesA Windows agent to feed server with Windows events in real time.
Real time indexeryesAll data sent to server is indexed in real time.
FormyesBuild forms and enter data from your browser.
Chart / reportyesBuild charts and reports from your browser.
Share chart / reportyesShare charts and reports with other users.
Chart / report updated in real timeyesAll chart and report are updated in real time.
Chart wizardyesWizard to build standard six sigma control cards.
Save chartyesSave chart and report in your profile allowing quick access for later use.
Print chartyesPrint chart and report using your color printer and incorporate great information to your documents.
Export chartyesExport char in PNG and JPG format. Export report in XLS, XML, CSV, TSV, HTML, PDF and JSON format.
Six Sigma control cardsyesBuild control cards with our pre-defined charts ("Pareto", "I-MR", "X bar R", "X bar S", "P", "NP", "U", "C").
DashboardyesGroup charts and reports within the same window and have them updated in real time.
Share dashboardyesShare your dashboard with other users.
SlideshowyesBuild slideshow based on selected dashboards. Display slideshow in big monitor or television in control room.
Task manageryesHave the system run tasks at scheduled time to automate data import or any other tasks. Linux only.
Real time data monitoring (alerts)yesMonitor your data for specific events and have the system create alerts.
Email alertsyesAlerts can be sent by email in real time by the server.
SMS alertsyesAlerts can be sent by SMS using your mobile operator "SMS by email" service. SMS are sent in real time by the server.
View manageryesCreate views to show only fields relevant to context. It's like viewing only selected columns in spreadsheet.
Share viewyesShare views with other users.
Filter manageryesBuild and reuse filters to select only dataset relevant to your context.
Share filteryesShare filters with other users.
Data cleanupyesAutomated data cleanup allows you to delete records based on filters.
ArchivingyesArchive records based on filter or time. Archives are always available for access like your live data.
Time zone selectionyesChange time zone dynamically to see and process your data in other time zone.
Dynamic input thresholdyesServer can accept or reject new data based on priority (severity). You can tune the threshold live without having to restart the server or the connector.
Update recordyesUpdate any field based on unique key.
Import CSV web interfaceyesImport CSV file directly from your web browser.
Export datayesExport data in CSV format.
Email datayesSend your data by email.
Jira interfaceyesCreate Jira issue directly from Apsolab-Console from selected records.
LDAPyesApsolab-Console can authenticate your users from any LDAP server including Microsoft Active Directory.
Account manageryesManage user accounts from your web browser. Permissions are based on role.
Role manager (RBAC)yesManage roles from your web browser.
Record access controlyesYou can control who can access specific records based on categories. Each record has a unique category and category access is assigned in role definition.
Password complexityyesIf your are not using LDAP, you can control the password complexity level.
Password expirationyesYou can set a password expiration to force user to create a new password at the specified interval.
Online helpyesMost field label will show help information within hover.
DocumentationyesYou always have access to online documentation and PDF manuals.
ReportyesBuild custom reports. Create columns from formulas (expression evaluation). Export your report in many popular formats.
Syslog parseryesBuilt-in syslog parser.
Alert escalationyesEscalate alerts up to 3 levels.
Data forwardingyesAutomatically forward selected data to next node.
Automatic backupyesA complete backup will be done automatically every night.